A Brief History of Breitling Chronomat

When we are thinking about a timeless and popular wristwatch, Breitling Chronomat definitely becomes one of the first names that come to our mind. You even can’t call yourself a watch enthusiast if you don’t buy authentic Breitling Chronomat. This is one of the most famous aviation watches ever created, and even though the current design has heavily evolved from the original, Chronomat is still an ageless classic.

The first Breitling Chronomat was released more than seven decades ago in 1941. It immediately became a huge hit right after launching because it brought a new design style, which was dominated by military style back then. Even though it was still dubbed as an aviation watch, Chronomat was also advertised as a wristwatch for scientists and mathematician thanks to its slide-rule. There were not plenty of watch models that came with slide-rule at that time, as a matter of fact, Chronomat was the second model to feature a slide-rule.

Chronomat’s design and technology kept evolving since its first launching. In 1950, the popular series got a new dial design. The old rectangular pusher was ditched and replaced by a round shape pusher that made the watch looked more elegant. Chronomat became even more successful in the market after it came back with a thicker crown along with the new pusher.

Ten years after that, the Swiss watchmaker redesigned the dial again and added a new arrow marker to the 12 o’clock point. The biggest change came in 1968 when the model got new bezel mechanism. In 1984, a new design was released and it has inspired the design of the modern Chronomat that we know and love by now.

Seventy years have passed and Chronomat has certainly become one of the most legendary wristwatches in the world. It even inspired the birth of Navitimer, which is also one of the most well-known models from Breitling.

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